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Why does VIP Auto Express have “discounts the public never sees?”

Buying a vehicle online is fraught with danger. While you can surf the web for reviews, pricing and data about a particular brand and model, it is hard to pin down exactly what you can get from a dealer in your local area and often the deal changes or is no longer available. Typically, this puts you in the position of shopping, comparing deals and putting up with sales hype and hassle that we normally associate with buying a new car.

VIP Auto Express streamlines your buying process by allowing you to place an online reservation for your selected vehicle in the website inventory tab; then meeting with a no pressure concierge at a sponsoring dealer. The concierge then walks you thru your choices and the dealer incentives that are reserved for your purchase. (In addition to the manufacturer’s incentives already advertised.)

The sponsor does this to your benefit because it wants your repeat business and the word-of-mouth reputation that it stands out from the rest of its competitors as a no hassle, win-win dealer.

How do I select a model and make a reservation?

On the website home page watch the short video. Next select the “Compare Listings” tab and scroll down the pop-up tab for a particular showcase vehicle or “Inventory” for the full listings.

When you click on the “Compare Listings” tab, a new screen will open in which you can narrow your search parameters; do an estimated loan/lease monthly payment, and do a side by side comparison of any vehicle in the listing.

Once, you have made your selection call the phone number at the top right of website page and the concierge will do the rest. Of course you are under no obligation to purchase until the deal (lease or purchase) meets with your satisfaction.

What happens if I find a better local offer?

Bring your competitive offer from another dealer to your meeting. If the VIP sponsor cannot meet or exceed the offer, it will give you a, free dinner for two, certificate at an excellent local restaurant. The sponsor truly wants you to have a hassle free experience.

What is a “win-win” sales philosophy?

A win-win sales philosophy is where you, the buyer, feel that you have profited from the transaction (value exceeding the cost of acquisition by your definition) and the seller also profits (value exceeding the cost of production).

Auto Dealerships over the years have been tarnished with a win-lose reputation in which car sellers try to hype and gouge the customer for all the profit that they can get.

VIP Auto Express puts an end to win-lose transactions. In a win-win situation, you the buyer must win first or nothing happens!

Why not use another Internet service?

There are excellent national online search websites. Nonetheless they can’t compete with a locally sponsored VIP Auto Express dealer. The national search sites have no control or inventory to finalize a win-win deal for you.

Rather, they generate and sell leads for any dealer willing to pay. The dealer receiving the lead might not have a good reputation, or have the specifications that you were expecting online.

Of course what follows is the traditional sales hype, and possible “bait and switch” hassles that unscrupulous dealers have been doing for years.

There is an old saying: Inspect what you expect before you buy. Internet auto sites are impersonal and don’t allow for a win-win buying experience.